Residential Painting

One of the most frequent requests of Altitude Painting is in the form of residential painting services, both interior and exterior, new and existing construction. We use only the finest brand name paint and tools to complete the contract. Altitude Painting uses every available paint supplier to offer you the most complete selection of colors and finishes. Whatever the image or environment you want to have inside or outside of your residential property, Altitude Painting can meet your needs at an affordable price.

Exterior Services

Interior Services

If your home needs a fresh coat of paint or stain, Altitude Painting can handle the contract quickly and professionally, and all jobs are tailored to fit your individual needs. If you see a home that you admire, send us a picture and we will mimic the appearance of that home's paint job. No matter the size or scope or your exterior residential painting service, we will design a contract to fit your needs. Browse the pictures of the exterior residential painting services on our website for ideas about painting your home.

You will be amazed how much a fresh coat of paint can sharpen the appearance of your home. Also, a new coat of paint or stain will protect your investment.

When remodeling your existing home or moving into a new house, adding a fresh coat of paint creates an improved atmosphere and also erases scuffs and scratches from wear and tear.

Also if your furniture does not match your home color scheme, don't worry. At an affordable price, you can change the entire look and feel of your house to match your furniture with a simple paint job.

The talented and professional paint team at Altitude Painting is happy to complete all your interior painting and staining needs in conjunction with your schedule.

Whenever possible, Altitude Painting uses low/no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) painting products, which have the lowest off gas rates. Whether we are doing interior and exterior work, Altitude painting is committed to using the most environmentally conscious products.